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15th Street Safety Project (U-5860)

15th Street is one of the most heavily traveled roads in Beaufort County, averaging 20,000 vehicles per day. It is also one of the most dangerous roads in the State of North Carolina with over 300 crashes occurring since 2017.

The City of Washington identified the needs for improvements to 15th Street in 2000. Following submission to the STIP by the Mid-East RPO, the plan to widen the existing road to include left-turn lanes and a median was funded in the mid-2010's. 

The Mid-East RPO is working with the North Carolina Department of Transportation & the City of Washington to initiate this project. All construction and right-of-way costs will be fully paid for by NCDOT. Additionally, NCDOT will relocate and replace all existing infrastructure along this corridor at no cost to the city.

Upon the completion of construction, 15th Street will be transformed into a significantly safer road for users and will better suited to accommodate businesses and properties along the corridor.

The U-5860 project area runs from the intersection of Carolina Avenue to Brown Street. 

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