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Prioritization 7.0

The N.C. Department of Transportation uses a transparent, systematic and data-driven process for prioritizing the major transportation in North Carolina and making investment decisions.

Projects are evaluated based on their merit through an analysis of the existing and future conditions, the benefits the project is expected to provide, the project’s multi-modal characteristics and how the project fits in with local priorities.

Each of NCDOT’s six modes of transportation (highway, ferry, rail, public transportation, bicycle & pedestrian and aviation) uses a data-driven approach for ranking projects.

The outcome of the strategic prioritization process serves as input to the Draft State Transportation Improvement Program.

*From NCDOT*

The Mid-East RPO is working in coordination with our local governments on determining future transportation projects to submit in P7. The submittal window opens in July 2023 and closes in September. Below is the full schedule for Prioritization 7.0

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