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Who are we?

Established in 2006, the Mid-East Rural Planning Organization serves the counties of Beaufort, Martin & Pitt and all local governments within, with the exception of those within the Greenville Urban Area MPO.

Funded by the state at $80,000 to $150,000 each year and with a 20 percent local match, the Mid-East RPO provides these core services:

• Coordinate, assist and develop local and regional plans
• Provide a forum for public participation in the transportation planning and implementation process
• Develop and prioritize projects the organization believes should be included in the state transportation improvement program
• Provide transportation related information to local governments


The process has provided local officials with an enhanced framework to participate in the statewide and regional planning processes. It has also provided a forum for state and local officials to discuss and address issues requiring regional solutions.

The Mid-East RPO is comprised of two committees: the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) and the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC). These committees are filled by County Commissioners, City/Town Councilmembers, Local Government officials, and Local Government Managers/Administrators. 

Regular Meetings are held six times a year, and are welcome to all. We strive to ensure that all communities are represented in our region, and encourage feedback from the public. 

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